We all know how freakishly hot it can get in New York City. The concrete is burning, the breeze feels like a hair dryer, and subway platform, with its 120 degrees, reminds you of hell. That’s why we decided to dedicate the first episode of Bushwick FeelGood, our brand new original webseries about holistic health in the city, to the best ways to survive the heat wave. Holistic guide Erika Gombosova, who you’ve met on Bushwick Daily before, lives off the Halsey L stop and every other week she will share a couple of good tips on making your life in Bushwick a little bit healthier and happier.

Erika says that to be really happy we need to look at our current lifestyles, at the food we consume, at cosmetics and body care products we use, what we clean our house with, what we wash our clothes with, nutritional supplements we take, and the ways in which we navigate stress – it all comes to unity. And that’s what Bushwick FeelGood is all about. So stay tuned for our next episode, and tell us what you thought of the first episode in the comment section. Also if you have any specific questions you would like Erika to answer in the following episodes, leave us a comment or email Erika directly at naturalwomanblogATgmail.com.