All photos by Yaz Rosete for Bushwick Daily

“Taking photos can sometimes be an excuse to have a conversation with an attractive stranger,” says our photographer Yaz Rosete and blushes. She walked the streets of Bushwick during Bushwick Open Studios, and got seduced the attractive crowd. Bushwick is beautiful and Bushwick people are the most stylish, we can all agree on that. Take a look at these attractive strangers and let us know what you like about their outfits in the comment section.

Strangers in the studio…



Miss ruby red tights….

Umbrellas and lollipops are the best fashion statement!


Looking cool is as natural as breathing.




In Bushwick even kids are gorgeously fashionable. Look at this little curly girl!



When your lipstick matches graffiti you’re probably doing something right.



Celebration of colors, creativity and joy! This beautiful purple lady has it all!



Slippers, shorts, shirts. Cotton, linen, good.



The 2013 Bushwick reincarnation of The Cure?



Check out the purple black boots with pastel blue stains and that smirk….



Do you dare to wear your hair like Antoinette?


Text by Katarina Hybenova

All photos by Yaz Rosete