The paradise of original and vintage fashion (all photos by Katarina Hybenova for Bushwick Daily)

I intended to casually stroll through Mary Meyer and Friends Vintage boutique, but I immediately found myself obsessively trying on and photographing everything for you. A boutique at 56 Bogart St. (yes, right under the galleries), Mary Meyer and Friends Vintage is comprised of two parts: the Mary Meyer part, which sells original designs of this Bushwick-based fashion designer, and the Friends Vintage part, which sells beautiful vintage finds curated by Mary Meyer and her partner in crime Emma Kadar Penner.

The summer collection by Mary Meyer features handmade tunics, fringe and tank dresses with eclectic prints. If you’re on a budget, you won’t be disappointed because Friends Vintage has an affordable selection of clothes and accessories. The vintage summer dresses and rompers ($20-30) are made of rich and natural materials, something that’s hard to come by in new, retail clothes these days.

I loved the Mary Meyer belts ($22), I found a big brown Coach bag for $40 (and I was strong-willed enough to leave it there, so hurry if you want it!), and I was totally pleased by the display of Moleskin note books and jewelry. And of course you can’t miss the $15 sunglasses, for which the store is famous!

You will be happy to hear that it’s been already two years since Mary Meyer and Emma Kadar Penner opened the boutique, and they are ready to celebrate their accomplishments with friends and supporters this upcoming Friday at 6PM. They will have free cocktails and $1 beers with music by Las Rosas and DJ Jayson Green. Storewide discounts await everyone! See you there!