It’s October! It’s creepy! It’s great! Especially because October is that magical month when the sun is shining, the air is crisp, and all you need is a sweater and pair of boots to feel comfortable. So why not head to one of the amazing cemeteries surrounding Bushwick to enjoy the great outdoors? You can enjoy the changing seasons, amazing horticulture, views and rich history at these great-graves near you.

#1 For the History Lover: The Evergreens Cemetery, 1629 Bushwick Ave

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The Evergreens Cemetery is one of the most historical cemeterys in New York! It was established as early as 1849,and is a whopping 225 acres. Because many famous people such as Bojangles, as well as historical figures, such as John Berrien are buried there, The Evergreens Cemetery offers many informational walking tours. Its vastness and serenity also make it a great place for bird-watching.

#2 For the Bushwick Methodist: Linden Hill Cemetery, 323 Woodward Ave

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This cemetery was founded in 1842, making it even older than The Evergreens Cemetery. Although much smaller, Linden Hill Cemetery is rich with Methodist history. It was originally governed by English-speaking Methodists, and was then taken over by German-speaking Methodists before finally being incorporated in 1977. Although it has a Methodist history, the cemetery is non-secreterian.

#3 For the Park-Lover: Mt. Olivet Cemetery, 65-40 Grand Avenue

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Mt. Olivet Cemetery is one of the most beautiful cemeteries in New York. It was designed with horticulture  in mind, including winding paths, and space around each grave for landscaping. They even have a program that donates towards lost plants in storms and from pests.

#4 For the Train-Lover: Trinity Cemetery, 685 Central Ave

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Have you ever rode the L Train to Broadway Junction and seen the rows of graves from Wilson Avenue, this is it! Enjoy the rumbling train in the background while you explore this picturesque cemetery.

#5 Another one for the history lovers!: Cypress Hills Cemetery,  833 Jamaica Ave,

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Cypress Hills Cemetery is the burial ground for some of the Nations most important figures in civil rights history, such as Thomas Downing, Elizabeth Jennings Graham, and James McCune Smith. It’s also the burial cite for Jackie Robinson. This is definitely an amazing cemetery to go pay respects to.