I have to admit, I was totally moved when Salvatore B. Polizzi, the owner of (locally) famous Tony’s Pizzeria at 443 Knickerbocker Ave emailed Bushwick Daily about his wonderful efforts to organize a movie night at Maria Hernandez Park:

Having been in business for over 40+ years, we have lived through the worst of times and even some of the best.  The changes – both good and bad – continue to be a part of the ever-changing fabric of Bushwick, Brooklyn.  With that said, and with gentrification rapidly occurring in our neighborhood, we wanted to find a way to establish a focused mind-set aimed at providing locals with a convenient and inexpensive outlet to bond with family, friends and neighbors – both of old and new – and also provide a fun, safe and memorable experience that would lay the community foundation in which to build upon given the diverse ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds transforming the area.

Movie in the Park is going down this Friday (October 3) starting at 5:30PM; admission is free. The night will revolve around Bushwick and Bushwick themes. Together with several local business, the organizers will play movie Full Circle, which was filmed in and around Bushwick. The night will also have a musical component; internationally known violinist, Eric Stanley will play a piece. 

Synopsis of Full Circle:

A young pizza delivery boy, Anthoni, faces a life-changing crisis when his curiosity pulls him away from his delivery order into an adjacent apartment’s open door. He cannot resist temptation when he stumbles across a large sum of money in the aftermath of what seems to be a drug deal gone bad. After taking the money, his life is thrown into turmoil as everyone he knows and cares about is put in jeopardy. His focus turns to revenge when his close friend is killed. Anthoni goes on a comically charged journey for vengeance as outlandish characters banter throughout in this musically infused, urban set comedy-action-drama. Anthoni is set on avenging the death of his close friend even if it means going up against the neighborhood’s most notorious thug.