Instagram Takeover – Lauren Krukowski – Broadway neon liquor store sign

What did you notice when you first met Bushwick? If you’re Bushwick-born and raised, you’ll remember things through a child’s eyes. If you moved here as a fully formed person, as we learned last week, it’s all in the details. Guest photographer Lauren Krukowski just moved to the neighborhood at the beginning of September, which made her the perfect person to walk us through her Insta-Takeover concept,”Falling for Bushwick.” She reminded us of some of the things that stand out when you explore the area for the first time. Lauren noticed spiked heels hanging from the wires, interesting signs (sometimes you don’t need to install a barber shop pole – you just need to paint one), expressive graffiti, shiny disco balls, and so much more.

For me personally, it felt like rewinding the clock – with the added spin of Lauren’s own perspective. What stood out to you when you first got to know the neighborhood? Scroll down for some of your most favorited photos, and be sure to check out our Instagram page for the rest.

Up next: Photographer Gino Fortebuono captures “Action” on the streets of Bushwick. Keep on the lookout for his pics this week and stay tuned for next week’s round-up!

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