Photography for Bushwick Daily is an inseparable way of portraying the whereabouts of our neighborhood.  Naturally, if a big photography event happens in Bushwick we are beyond excited! 

Bermuda Studios is a new photography studio and rental space located at 66 Knickberbocker Ave. To celebrate their opening, Bermuda Studios invited a bunch of star photographers and filmmakers and decided to throw them a photo exhibition and a party! The pre-grand opening exhibition is curated by Joseph Jagos and Chris Puidokas, and will feature Grant Singer, Christelle de Castro, Brayden Olson, Ms.Fitz, Brian DeRan, Nick Gazin, Jamie Nelson, Cara Stricker, Josef Kraska, Cle torres, JERRY, Hisham Akira Bharoocha, Carly Rabalais, Elizabeth Weinberg, Mitchell Mclennan, Roger Kisby, Nina Westervelt, Kyle Knodell, Ben Pier and Chris Coady.

The party is happening tonight, September 19 at Bermuda Studio Projects. Please RSVP  to [email protected] if you want to attend.