Rafael Fuchs in a dress and Meryl Meisler setting up a photo shoot with the Rabbi from the Chabad. This is how The Studio at the Bushwick Community Darkroom’s opening looked after a few bottles of wine were down.

The SATBCM is a combination of the entities of Lucia Rollow, Allison Putnam, Vanessa Gill, and Cheryl Arent. The new space in the Loom is seeking to be an all around photo resource for North Brooklyn.

According to various accounts and their Smallknot page:

First there was the Bushwick Community Darkroom; an idea hatched in the basement of Lucia’s building that grew from a private darkroom to a space open every night until 9pm. One simply had to schedule a visit and come over. Allison joined Lucia in that project.

Vanessa and Cheryl began working together after multiple run-ins at music and art shows. They formed The Studio At The Darkroom to provide photography production and an agency for photographers in Brooklyn.

This came together during the Bushwick Open Studios madness and they began working together to put a new incarnation of the Darkroom idea in the Loom. Between taking photo equipment from colleges moving on to digital format and spending a couple of months building out the space in the Loom, a business was borne.

And so, without further ado. Here are the pics from the opening by Therese Maher.