I woke up on Saturday morning after a night of fun and fantasia at the House of Yes, and yes, I was hungover.  My favorite remedy for such a diagnosis is a nice walk, coffee in hand, amongst our favorite hulking warehouses.  Electric chords of music meander through open windows as I waltz, equipped with heavy-duty UV sunglasses and a camera.  On Meadows there was the intoxicant whiff of spray paint on the air.  I stumbled onto Bogart, and Lo! Here were some friendly street artists collaborating on a wall space.

Need a cure for that frayed party soul of yours?  Check out the art that was going up on Bogart between Meadows and Stagg.  Owns, an established neighborhood artists you may recognize, commented that the work was going on all day, and some LA artists were showing up periodically to contribute.  Here are some images of the two gentlemen hard at work.

Get out there Bushwick!