By Katarina Hybenova

I know that you’ve been waiting for it but hey, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are really good things to do this weekend. (Also note, dear reader, that whichever of these events you decide to attend, nothing is better than Bushwick life’s serendipity. Like yesterday, I was biking down St. Nicholas and what did I see? A dude taking out his two dogs and a giant yellow snake. You probably saw the picture on our Facebook page yesterday but it’s hard not to repost, as you can imagine. I am declaring this encounter the craziest event in Bushwick this week!)

#1 Preview Party @ Deliquency (Saturday, 8pm)

We are not hiding that we are very excited about new music venue in Bushwick, Deliquency. But what’s even better is that Deliquency is not officially open, and yet they throw a preview party here and there. This Saturday they are having cool bands performing (Chappo, Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt, Alaskas, It Is Rain In My Face) and free bourbon and vodka all night long. I mean is there a better deal for $8 suggested to get in?

#2 Slaughterhouse, Freeway, Pharoahe Monch, DJ Soul @ The Well (Friday, 6-10pm)

The fabulous new Bushwick pride music venue The Well is hosting its second show this Saturday. Unlike Deliquency’s show, The Well’s event is not a cheap one, but you’re paying for high-end fun with the best of the best in the music world. Slaughterhouse, Freeway, Pharoahe Monch, DJ Soul and a beautiful view over industrial Bushwick will cost you $25.

#3 Human Relations Bookstore Party (Saturday, noon to 9pm)

Bushwick welcomed Molasses Books, the first bookstore in Bushwick with LOTSA love! Now the celebration continues because the owners of Book Thug Nation in Willyburg are opening a Bushwick outpost at Flushing Ave. And they will be celebrating the whole day on Saturday. Stop by and have fun!

#4 Closing for Cassius Fouler: Four Borough @ Weldon Arts (Saturday, 3-7pm)

Cassius Fouler is a really cool artist, and if you missed his show at Weldon Arts, a new Bushwick gallery on Irving Ave, you should definitely drop by this Saturday. If you didn’t miss it, drop by anyways – they are serving complimentary cocktails!

#5 Closing Brunch for Pressing Matter @ Parallel Art Space (Sunday, 1-6pm)

Pressing Matter is a very nice, small group show featuring Judith Braun, Antonia Perez, and Hilda Shen. As is a very good tradition at Parallel Art Space, they close their shows with a promise of a little food, which is always nice. We’ll be there!