By Katarina Hybenova

If you went to the opening reception for in the open last Thursday, you probably didn’t know that it was the last show you would attend at Kesting/Ray Bushwick for some time. Yes, it is true. Christina Ray confirmed yesterday that Kesting/Ray Bushwick is going on hiatus starting in September. 

“It’s a really good, positive change,” Christina, the Ray in Kesting/Ray, mysteriously said on the phone. “It’s not that we don’t love Bushwick…” she continued, but she refused to share the details of this positive change. “It will be clear to everyone by the end of the month,” she said.

Christina Ray and her husband David Kesting have been a steady part of New York art scene for several years now. They used to separately run galleries in Williamsburg. Since 2010 they have been running a joint gallery in SoHo. As Bushwick residents they added a Bushwick outpost of Kesting/Ray early this year. Their awesome space, which we like to call Little Hangar on Boerum Street, can recall only two public art shows, the last being last week’s in the open.

“We are taking a little break,” Christina told me yesterday. “We will be traveling and spending some time with our families.” She didn’t exclude that Kesting/Ray will reopen in Bushwick at some point in the future, however everything is up in the air at the moment.

Time will surely reveal the exact nature of this change which, despite sounding very positive, is a little sad for Bushwick art community.

Anyways take a look at our pictures from the last opening at the Little Hangar.