Angely Mercado

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Are you a disgruntled Brooklynite who feels frustrated by the upcoming L train shutdown next April? 

SpikedSeltzer wants to help… by giving out free bikes to the first 20 residents who can prove they are 21 and over. That’s 60 bikes in total.   

This week from August 28 to August 30th from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. The bikes will be given out at 96 Wythe Street in Williamsburg across from SpikedSeltzer’s “Pour Some Out For The L” billboard. 

Though it’s pretty well known that not everyone can use a bike to get around, it’s still a pretty useful alternative to get out of North Brooklyn during the 15 month shutdown. 

In an email to Bushwick Daily SpikedSeltzer announced that they have an option for those looking to move during the shutdown. 

“Those planning to forge a new path elsewhere can grab a complimentary moving box with a special Drizly code. That way you can sip on SpikedSeltzer as you prepare to flee.” 

So if you’re making your great escape from North Brooklyn, or looking to snag a set of wheels, don’t be late to grab some bikes this week. 

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Cover photo courtesy of Matt Saling