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A do it yourself salad eatery has opened up near Myrtle Avenue and Broadway Avenue.

Karla Munoz– the owner of Cuban bar Bodeguita and much loved Mexican restaurant La Lupe has brought uniquely healthy, but tasty salad bar. Like all of Munoz other businesses, they’re conveniently by the JMZ stop. 

She opened the new restaurant with her business partner Zheni Culjak. They both wanted it to help customers to try new things and bring in flavors from around the world, but in an innovative way. Both women love travel and used that to inspire a lot of the flavors and ideas behind Leaf. 

“We try to give flavor to the ingredients that need cooking and our dressings and keep the purity and freshness of the rest of them,” they said. “We want to make it more personable and engaging with our costumers and provide the space where are Bushwick friends can come for nourishment and some fun.”

Both Munoz and Culjak are often seen in the location working out different details. 

“We have so much love and passion for this business, it is our first baby together,” said Munoz. 

Their efforts are obvious considering how fresh the menu options are and how well it pairs with the decor.  Everything about the location from the seat, to tables, to the decor screams fresh. It has a bright and clean feel that makes it feel elegant but, inviting and calm.

There are salad combinations ready to go for customers who can’t decide. Leaf also has salads that are inspired by Mediterranean, East Asian and South Asian flavors and ingredients. 

There are even Latin American inspired options like Leaf’s avocado chicken salad with fresh greens, avocado and even plantain chips for flavor and texture.

“We want to nourish your body your mind and soul, nutritious can be delicious,” said Munoz. 

Leaf also provides a variety of protein options for patrons who want a heartier salad to tide them over until their next meal. Their dressings are also made in house for quality and freshness assurance.

Like their other location, Munoz wants there to be a weekend brunch with wine based mimosas. She also serves local beers and wine that pair well with the salads. There is also a refreshing hibiscus tea alongside freshly baked chocolate chip cookies for patrons to pair their salads with.

Munoz is also sells healthy and filling bowls that will give customers more  variety for all kinds of tastes and dietary needs, but they’ll be more substantial for the evening meal than just salads and will also pair well with the beers and wines. 

“It’s going to have more protein and be similar to something that someone would make at home,” she said.

Like all of the other businesses Munoz runs with her business partner and family members, she wants to serve quality food and make Leaf to be a place that community members can feel comfortable in while they hang out and eat.

“There’s Wi-Fi and we want it to be a place where people can come do work and relax,” she said.

Anyone looking for a healthy but flavorful take on salads should consider becoming a regular at Leaf.



A fresh salad bar with unique bowls, flavors inspired from other cultures and a DIY option. There is also a selection of local wine and beers. 

 1161 Myrtle Avenue, Bushwick (off the Myrtle-Broadway stop of the JMZ)

 Mon-Sun: 11:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

 +1 347-627-2271

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