Angely Mercado

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Two elderly Queens women were found dead this Monday from two separate fires. 

Audrey Hebling, a 82-year-old Bellerose Manor resident was found dead in her kitchen after an electrical fire started after 6 p.m. police said. 

Earlier that day, a 71-year-old Far Rockaway resident was found dead in her apartment after a fire was caused by smoking, according to a report from AM New York

Smoke alarms were not present in either home according to the FDNY.

Though both fires were caused by different factors, but not having a smoke alarm is dangerous. No smoke alarms were present in over one third of home fire deaths according to the National Fire Protection Association. One out of three home fire deaths in this country occurred in homes that did not have a fire alarm or that did not have a functioning fire alarm. 

If you are concerned about your own home’s safety, request a free fire safety presentation from the FDNY here. For more fire safety tips, go to this link