Angely Mercado

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The 2018 Fifa World Cup started last week in Russia to the delight of soccer fans all over the world. 

There are so many international communities in and around Ridgewood who are already riled up for the World Cup. It makes watching the games with neighbors so much more interesting.  

There’s nothing like screaming your head off with a crowd of fellow sport enthusiasts in your own neighborhood. So it doesn’t matter if you call it soccer, football, or fútbol you’re sure to find a spot to celebrate the most popular sport on earth at these Ridgewood locations: 

Glenlo Tavern (off the Seneca Ave M train)

64-18 Freshpond Rd, Ridgewood, NY 11385

This longtime local haunt has a lot of regulars to get friendly with while toasting to a team’s victory. There’s a full bar, television, and outdoor seating for getting some fresh air after all the celebratory dancing. 

Rogner Cafe & Lounge (off the Forest Ave M train)

63-59 Forest Ave., Ridgewood, NY 11385

Rogner Cafe is a favorite location for Ridgewood’s many Eastern European sports fans. They serve coffee and beer, have a great garden, tons of comfortable couches and chairs, and a large flatscreen television. 

So many reviewers on Yelp say it’s the place to be for worldwide soccer events.