Brielle Schiavone 

Writer & Photographer

We all know and love Cafe Erzulie—the Haitian-inspired eatery and flower shop, that Myrtle Broadway folks are so thrilled to have. However if you haven’t visited yet this summer, we’ve got some pretty great news for you.

Since acquiring their liquor license this May and extending their hours, Cafe Erzulie is now part cafe, part bar with Caribbean-inspired cocktails, live music and DJs—all co-existing within their lush indoor/outdoor space, that is honestly so scenic you’ll forget you’re in Bushwick.

“It was always part of the original idea to have a bar in the evening,” co-owner Mark Luxama tells to Bushwick Daily. “There’s a duality of the place, (with) Erzulie being a dual goddess. In the daytime there’s this light side, and at night, there’s this dark side.”

We’d have to agree. The space Bushwick Daily visited last night was the sexy alter-ego of the daytime Cafe Erzulie. The dimly-lit, indoor-outdoor garden oasis was filled with guests everywhere on a Thursday night, all chatting quietly and enjoying live Carribbean jazz underneath glowing string lights. Every seat was filled. There had to be at least forty people there, and the energy was positive and vibey, as customers enjoyed their drinks and admired the iridescent space.

“We like to think it’s a nice place to be,” Luxama says of the part-café, part-bar. “It’s a plus for people who like spending time here, coming during the day to work, and then in the evening to hang out.”

The overall atmosphere is just one of the many perks. A quick glance at Café Erzulie’s drink menu reveals how much care and detail was put into putting together a list. “We knew we wanted each drink to be Carribbean-inspired,” Luxama emphasizes. “My favorite is the ‘Daphnee Duplaix a.k.a. An Italian in Haiti,’ which is named after the Haitian beauty queen. It’s basically a Negroni, but with Haitian rum.”

Other menu highlights include the ‘Oloffson Rum Punch’ named after the Port-Au-Prince hotel; the ‘Kir de Jacmel’ with prosecco and Haiti’s national flower, hibiscus; and ‘Flowers by Leslie,’ a Jamaican drink named after Café Erzulie’s business partner. The beer and wine menu is equally as thoughtful, including Chenin Blanc from South Africa and Prestige, the Haitian lager.

Live music, like Jazz Nights on Thursday, will occur regularly at Café Erzulie. “We have DJs on the weekends, there’s a lot of dancing. It’s very flowy when we open up the doors, it feels like an open space, you can move around,” Luxama explains. “We’ll play afrobeat, reggae, roots … diasporic music. African-inspired trap and hip-hop. Kompa – Haitian music as well.”

“It’s been awesome,” Luxama says, on the café to bar expansion. “It’s also been, I think, a transition. As young business owners we’re doing this for the first time, becoming aware and enjoying what we offer.”

If last night was any indication, Café Erzulie has quickly become a Bushwick hot spot. Enjoy these last summer evenings surrounded by plants, live music and overall great vibes.