Living in New York means living in an environment that is sometimes prone to confusing postal fiascos, missed delivery dates, and mail theft. Thanks to Bushwick Post, the neighborhood’s new independently-owned shipping, packing, mailing and printing center, Bushwick residents may never have to worry about sprinting home in time to catch the UPS guy again. 

Bushwick Post owners Erin Calabrese and Stella Sensel have deep roots in New York. After living in Harlem for years, the couple bought a house in Bushwick in 2013. After having seven (yes, seven) packages stolen from their doorstep, Calabrese and Sensel decided to open Bushwick Post—near the Wilson L stop and across the street from Routine—as a way to avoid postal nightmares. 

In addition to providing unique and personalized mailing services, Bushwick Post is a community-focused business. Both Calabrese and Sensel are dedicated to employing local residents, as well as keeping their range of services high and prices low to accommodate the neighborhood’s postal needs. 

“We’re really careful about our mark-ups,” says Calabrese. “I had a customer bring in an envelope that was normally like $1.61, and we adjusted our prices down to match. We don’t want to be like big delivery franchises that charge insane prices. We’re looking to provide a service that wasn’t there before. We have tight margins to benefit the community.”

Once their business grows, Calabrese and Sensel want to start using Bushwick Post as a space for community events on Sundays, when they are typically closed. According to Calabrese, they’d like to start supporting non-profit organizations that provide free seminars on immigration services and business and community support. 

“As an LGBT-owned business, our philosophy has always been ‘make the table bigger,'” says Calabrese. “People have been overwhelmingly kind in supporting us, and for the most part, pretty welcoming.” 


Bushwick Post

Package service offering mail pick-up and drop off for multiple mail carriers.

 620 Wilson Ave (off the Wilson L)

 Mon-Fri: 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
     Sat: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
     Sun: Closed


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Featured image courtesy of Bushwick Post’s Instagram.