Brooklyn-based astrologer Alice Sparkly Kat has your weekly horoscopes on lock—and you can check them out when you get your Monday morning cup of Joe at beloved local coffee shop Little Skips. Kat has been posting weekly horoscopes since early July: they appear every Sunday and stay up through the following Sunday, “so you can just come in and read them while you wait for your coffee,” she says.

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Kat immersed herself in astrology initially a few years ago and has given just shy of 250 readings. Like many artists in the Bushwick community, Little Skips occupies a special spot in her heart: “For years, Little Skips has been a central place at the center of the community of artists, poets, musicians, and performers that I’ve been a part of. I wanted to reach out to this community with love.”

Kat’s interest with astrology originated a few years ago, when she found herself struggling with depression and read a piece about “the solar eclipse [black sun] and [how] it represented the destruction of an ego image which no longer serves your purpose to make room for creating a new one.” Understanding astrology as a fluid, safe space for discussion, Kat felt that “this ancient, functional reading of depression was more useful than medicating it.”

It’s no surprise,then, that Kat’s focus within astrology is social identity. Her new zine “Intro to Non-essentialized Astrology” is available at Bushwick’s Molasses Books and is “calling astrology out for complicity in white supremacist capitalist patriarchy and offering a queer, POC way to use it.”

She has officially practiced astrology for the past two years and has also adopted it into her practice as an artist:“[it’s] such a great tool for talking about the creative process.” she explains.

In addition to Little Skips, she also offers weekly horoscope readings within feminist magazine SELFISH (run by Little Skips barista Taylor Yates) and holds astrology workshops at Bushwick digital art collaboratory POWRPLNT.

Kats holds readings in her home, which is a hop and skip from Little Skips. She also has a slew of events lined up and is also available for a party “where it’s just fun to have an astrologer!”

Get your horoscope fix at Little Skips, Bushwick!

Featured image: a delcious, and hopefully not portentious, espresso beverage at Little Skips. Courtesy of Little Skips.