2016 yielded many interesting stories for the greater Bushwick area, and this is the time of the year we all reminisce about the most popular of them. We have had some heinous crime, a celeb making a surprise appearance, the L train breaking our hearts over and over again, as well as a couple of stories we’re actually really proud of.

This list is compiled solely on the basis of the total amount of unique visitors each article received throughout 2016.

These lists are our annual tradition. Check out 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 for the fun of it as well.

Bushwick candy store, which had a secret heroin and cocaine supply room, was busted by cops

by Robb Pozarycki

Photo: Maria Gotay

Bushwick Artist Will Sit Naked on a Toilet for 2 Days to Protest Bullshit in the Art World

by Katarina Hybenova

Photo: courtesy of Lisa Levy

Would-Be Rapist Slashed His Victim’s Throat on Wyckoff and Starr in Bushwick

by Robb Pozarycki

Photo: Google Maps Screenshot

Syndicated, a Bushwick Version of Nitehawk Cinema, is Opening Tomorrow

by Briana Seftel

Photo: courtesy of Syndicated

Mystery Myrtle-Wyckoff Ave Subway Station Smell Explained

by Magdalena Waz

Myrtle-Wyckoff L Station, Canarsie Platform. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Exclusive: New York Loft Hostel in East Williamsburg Is Turning Into a 140-Bed Homeless Shelter

by Emilie Ruscoe

Photo: Jemartti/Instagram

The New York Times Declared Bushwick OVER. Your Rent is Getting Lower

by Katarina Hybenova

Photo: Shutterstock

This Corner at Ridgewood/Bushwick Border Has Been a Prostitution Hotbed for Three Decades

by Katarina Hybenova

Photo: Katarina Hybenova

Jaden Smith Visited Bushwick High School and Gave Away Clothes

by Katarina Hybenova

Photo: Instagram

It’s Official: The L Is Shutting Down Between Manhattan & Brooklyn for A Year and a Half

by Emilie Ruscoe

Photo: Bushwick Daily archive