As a part of its mission to keep local journalism alive in Bushwick and beyond, Bushwick Daily has launched the yellow card.

Starting July 13, 2021, paying monthly subscribers of Bushwick Daily will have access to discounts, perks and exclusive local experiences from a curated group of Bushwick businesses and performance venues.

“It is our mission to save local journalism,” said Alec Meeker, publisher of Bushwick Daily. “We’re not just a company that reports on Bushwick. And we’re not just a company that is offering a benefits program to our subscribers. We’re committed to improving the daily lives of our readers, first through our community reporting. And now, with the launch of the Bushwick Daily yellow card, we have taken another small step forward.”

“The idea behind the program is to build community by further connecting Bushwick Daily readers with local businesses, and to thank our loyal subscribers for supporting local journalism,” added Jackson Schroeder, Bushwick Daily’s associate publisher. “We’ve partnered with a wide range of businesses, and the list is growing. There really is something for everyone.”

Access to the yellow card is exclusive to monthly supporters. All active subscribers will receive a new virtual card in their email inbox every month, which they can show at participating businesses and venues.

Bushwick Daily’s subscriber program will build upon the publication’s growth in 2021. Earlier this year, Bushwick Daily partnered with Canadian startup Indiegraf and brought on two new staff members, including Schroeder and Nicole Allen Viana, Bushwick Daily’s newest editor in chief.

In May, Bushwick Daily also launched a new website and became one of the first publications in the United States to provide visual improvements for paying subscribers. The premium aesthetics package includes access to Bushwick Daily “dark mode” and to Bushwick Daily’s redesigned, premium newsletter, which launched in tandem with the yellow card

Bushwick Daily is celebrating the yellow card with a launch party, which will be hosted on July 31 in Bushwick. All yellow card holders and local partners are invited to attend. Details will be sent out via the premium newsletter in the coming weeks.

Local businesses interested in joining the program should apply by filling out this application form