Bushwick Supergroup Janitor Shares Debut Album, “She Hates The Hits,” Benefitting Planned Parenthood

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Janitor emerged from the streets of Bushwick last year with the intent of bringing a collective of friends together to create music. The group had no set goals in mind other than releasing a few demos of their practices and playing a handful of shows in and around the neighborhood.

The five-piece made up of friends and veterans of various local music projects prides themselves on being a “non-band” — a just for fun, no pressure collective that gets together to jam and enjoy each other’s company at their practice space.

Comprised of Inna Propriate (vocals, guitar), Katie Holliday (vocals), Dave Jones (drums), Casey Jobin Weissbuch (guitar), and Dan Francia (bass), Janitor released their debut album, She Hates The Hits, essentially unannounced on the morning of May 17 with all proceeds benefiting Planned Parenthood.

For a group that never had any intention of recording and releasing a proper full-length, She Hates The Hits is impressive in its immediacy, healthy grasp of melody, varied sonic stylings, and at times, sheer ferocity.  

The songs on the record oscillate between the sweet, crunchy punk ballad of “Tiny Moments” and “Honey,” and the intense, bursts of fuzz-laden energy on the irresistibly catchy “Awake” and “Inn of Lenoir.” The latter track perfectly captures Janitor’s ethos and founding principles, as it is fun, fast, and contains probably the most appropriate friendship inducing refrain, “cheap beer.”

Contrast this with the more toned down and absolutely serene melodies on “Sad Bitch” and “Enamored,” and the almost alt-country styled twang on the album’s final 4-minute track, “Cowgirl,” – all of which demonstrate Janitor’s healthy appreciation for sonic diversity and experimentation.  

Not a bad first release for a band that had no intention of actually being a band, but appears to have channeled something special through the pure chemistry of jamming with friends.

You can purchase She Hates The Hits via Bandcamp.  All proceeds directly benefit Planned Parenthood. The album is also available to stream via Spotify.

You can catch Janitor performing live on July 20 at Rippers in Far Rockaway with Bueno and Alexander Orange Drink.

All images courtesy of Janitor.

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