This New Cozy Bushwick Cafe and Shop Wants You to Feel at Home

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Think back to your time as a rugrat—playing and imagining what your future might hold. Well a group of childhood best friends brought their childhood dreams to life with the opening of The Lazy Suzy Cafe & Shop last month.  

The Lazy Suzy Cafe & Shop opened a little over five weeks ago, entering the robust coffee and tea scene that Bushwick is known for. The meaning behind the name hints on something deep and meaningful.

“Like a Lazy Susan, we want our cafe to be the medium that helps people share with one another. Whether it’s a new type of drink, new type of food, or a new type of event, I want customers to feel like every time they take the time to stop by, they will be experiencing something new and interesting,” said partner and co-founder of Lazy Suzy, Andy Chu.

Lazy Suzy is not only a solid place to get your daily dose of caffeine and yummy pastries, it’s a spot to build community where sitting down and relaxing for extended periods of time is not only welcomed, but encouraged. It boasts a pretty large indoor and outdoor backyard area.

“We realized…[that space] was missing from coffee shops in Bushwick,” Chu told Bushwick Daily. With about 2,000 square feet of indoor and about another 2,000 square feet of outdoor space, Lazy Suzy dares to be different than the area norm.

Although the cafe has only been open for a short time, interesting events have already taken place at the unique spot. “We’ve hosted two extremely successful dog adoption events with a local not-for-profit called Korean K9 Rescue. Nearly 40 dogs were adopted,” Chu said. Along with dog adoptions, a pop-up flower shop with Carmen+Co was put in the space to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Although it is a new establishment, a local favorite menu item has already emerged. “One of our best selling drinks is our iced rosé matcha latte. It’s a traditional matcha powder blended with rosé kind of flavors. It’s a pretty refreshing floral drink for the summer,” explained Chu.

Lazy Suzy Cafe & Shop sources their coffee from Stumptown in Portland, Oregon. However, Chu welcomes people who don’t enjoy coffee and tea beverages to stop by anyway. “Lazy Suzy isn’t just a place to chow down and drink tasty teas and coffees, but at its heart it’s a space to cultivate and build community,” Chu said.

At the end of the day, Chu and the other founders want you to feel at home at Lazy Suzy.

Coffee and pastry assortment at Lazy Suzy.

Craft beverages at Lazy Suzy.

“We really are [focusing] on blending the different cultures that are in Bushwick because it’s not just a hipster coffee place,” said Chu. “We are really trying to make it a very welcoming place.”

As for what’s on the horizon, look out for more Korean K9 pet adoption events. There’s also a potential for events like yoga, plant swaps, and pop-up food trucks to take place. To keep up with Lazy Suzy and all the fun happenings check out their website and instagram.

Lazy Suzy is open Monday-Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Saturday-Sunday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

All photos courtesy of Lazy Suzy.

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