Let’s face it, there’s no real reason for you to drink at a bar during the next couple months. …But since curtailing your alcohol intake simply isn’t an option, two Bushwick bars—The Narrows and Brooklyn Fire Proof—are planning to set-up heated outdoor areas to keep you warm and fuzzy without having to drink half a dozen Hot Toddy’s.

According to the bar owner, the planned set-up for The Narrows is going to include a sort of futuristic, infrared heating system for the bar’s annex area that will pipe in warm air from three different angles.

The space is homey and sophisticated all at once, giving you the impression that you’re in the locker room for the coolest 1920s YMCA basketball team on the planet.

If you want to have a little more space to stretch out and walk around, you can visit the outdoor area at Brooklyn Fire Proof, which is opting for the heated sun lamp approach. The picnic-style seating is conducive for striking up a conversation with a stranger as to how unbelievably, goddamned cold it is outside, and you can huddle over the homemade soups they have on tap for additional warmth.

As of this writing however, neither bar actually has their heated areas in place yet, but that should give you all the more time to color coordinate your beanies and scarfs for winter drinking season.