I bet you guys notice the awesome art we have this week on our Facebook cover. It is Bushwick-based artist Jen Hitchings who my dear friends can hardly be characterized with one word. You better use at least one paragraph:

Jen Hitchings is an artist who works at Williamsburg’s Pierogi gallery, and besides that she contributes to Bushwick Daily and runs her own little gallery at The Active Space called Weeknights. Jen is a truly active individual and we cannot otherwise but deeply admire her all activities. But let’s focus on her art, shall we? Jen is a classically trained painter who likes to work in small dimension.s Recently, you had a chance to see her work at Sunset Surf Club gallery on Wilson Ave in Bushwick. In her art, Jen frequently reflexes on her upbringing in the suburban New Jersey. You can taste hints on nostalgia, boredom, escapism… Jen frequently examines human relationships and likes to work from photographs; yes, even from Instagram photos!

We asked her a couple of questions:

How did you end up in Bushwick?

A number of my professors in college told me that there was an emerging artist community here, and of anywhere in NYC, that’s where I should be with my arts-community-oriented personality. So I moved here immediately after, having been in Bushwick I think once before.

How did your life in Bushwick influence your work?

The party atmosphere that I found myself in started influencing the images and the psychedelic color that I now use in my paintings.

What do you like the most and the least about Bushwick?

I like how many things there are to do in Bushwick, specifically art and music related. I usually find myself overwhelmed and still don’t see as much as I’d like to. What I like least is the landlords. I’ve had bad luck with apartments since living here.

If you had a magic wand and could change one thing in Bushwick right now, what would it be?

If I could change anything about Bushwick, I’d put artists in place of all the landlords. Then I’d teleport all the rich, pretty, stuck-up, “I don’t have a job, I’m an ~*arTist*~ ” people to somewhere like Staten Island. I say Staten and not New Jersey because I’m from New Jersey.

Would you also like to see your art on our Facebook page cover? Send us your portfolio website to bushwickdailyATgmail.com, and the entire Bushwick will be looking at your work!