Waiting for the holiday is a lot easier if you’re an art lover. Early December is traditionally dedicated to Art Miami Basel and a number of satellite art fairs. The burgeoning Bushwick art scene will not be left out this year, and many Bushwick artists and galleries are headed to Miami beach. So who is going and who is not going and why? What are the expectations of Bushwickians in Miami? Will Bushwick DIY chic prove itself next to the big art world glamour?

Robert Henry Contemporary, a gallery run by a duo Robert Walden and Henry Chung, is participating in Aqua Miami. “Aqua has a great laidback vibe and since it is actually run by artists feels different from other fairs,” Robert told us. He added that Bushwick is slowly but surely becoming a good brand in the world of art: “When fair visitors see the signage at the fair that locates us in Brooklyn, many people ask if we are in Bushwick, especially Europeans and Asians. Many have heard of the positive things that are happening in Bushwick.” Robert Henry also participated in Miami last year when they showcased five artists. This year they decided to take virtually every artist they work with.

2012 has been surely great for Interstate Projects. Not only have they relocated to an awesome new large space at 66 Knickerbocker and curated a bunch of excellent shows, they are now enjoying the sun of Miami Beach at NADA Art Fair. Interstate Projects will represent its gallery throuogh a solo booth of new works by Justin Berry.

Also, Regina Rex will be at NADA! A gallery run by a collective of 12 Chicago MFA alumni, Regina Rex has traditionally brought nothing but quality and is participating in their third NADA.

The Parlour temporarily relocated from Bushwick Ave to Fountain Art Fair Miami. The Parlour is debuting at art fairs, and will showcase a whole bunch of artists: Bobby Neel Adams, Suzanne Goldenberg, Heidi Hahn, Dean Millien, Bridget Mullen, Christopher Patch, Rachel Phillips, Charles Tisa, Ruben Ortiz- Torres and Janice Sloane. They are hoping to gain exposure outside of Bushwick and to see some cool art.

Artist and gallerist Deborah Brown told us her work will be on view at The Miami Project at the Leslie Heller Contemporary booth.

C.C.C.P. North Light, a gallery at 56 Bogart, told us that they don’t particpate in art fairs, nor do they deal art or have ‘stable artists.’ They would only consider participating in a Bushwick art fair (hint, hint, Jules de Balincourt). Similarly, The Living Gallery prefers to focus on building local communityin Bushwick and doesn’t consider participation in art fairs.

We got used to seeing Microscope Gallery at Fountain Art Fair both in New York and in Miami, however this we will see them at NADA. This gallery with a focus on time-based and video art will feature a video program by Bradley Eros.

Meenakshi Thurikode is another Bushwick artist who has not resisted a temptation to socialize with the big art world in the rays of sun at Miami Beach. She will be assisting at Art Asia and promoting her Bollywood-styled soap opera about art world, Isha Tell-All Tale. Meenakshi, who is already in Miami attending pool parties (“nobody is in pools – everybody is wearing bikinis and high heels”), is also a Bushwick Daily connection. She will bring you the latest gossip, art highlights and maybe insider rant in the upcoming days.

Long time Bushwick resident and artist Melissa Murray will be showing at Overture with Causey Contemporary.

Excellent performance art venue Grace Exhibition Space will be chilling at Fountain and presenting Estonian performance group NON GRATA.

Jen Hitchings who is Bushwick Daily contributor, artists and a gallery owner of Weeknights, a new art space at The Active Space, is not going to Miami and is organizing a potluck party titled We’re NOT in Miami.

Jennifer Dalton and Jennifer McCoy, the co-founders of a brand new gallery in Bushwick, Auxilliary Projects are both going down as artists, to spread the word about Auxiliary Projects and meet with some folks. We are bringing some remaining sculpture multiples from James Huang’s “Gospel of Skills” from their first show as examples of our program. They expect to have some good conversations – and drinks. And I guess that’s the most important part: to chat with good interesting people, have a wine or two, jump in a pool at a pool party, see some good art…

Are you going to Miami? What are your expectations? Leave us a comment!