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Whether you love it or hate it, astrology is clearly all the rage these days. Sharing sign compatibilities and overhearing that “Mercury is in retrograde” are very real things in this year of 2017, but it’s about to get even realer here in Bushwick. Get ready friends because Mood Ring, an astrology-inspired cocktail bar, is opening this September at 1260 Myrtle Ave!

Mood Ring will offer speciality cocktails, wine and a limited Chinese menu to the Bushwick community, all set within a sultry, cinematic space inspired by Berlin’s DIY-mindset and its culturally-rich Queer history.

Their speciality cocktail menu will showcase a monthly rotating cocktail based on the current zodiac sign. “We like to play around with different characteristics,” co-owner (and Gemini) Bowen Goh tells Bushwick Daily. “‘Take Me Higher,’ our upcoming Virgo cocktail, will include St. Germain elderflower liqueur, which plays with the idea of very analytical, thoughtful people.”

“Us and all of our friends are obsessed with astrology. I’ve been into it since high school,” co-owner (and double-Scorpio) Vanessa Li adds. “Essentially we didn’t want Mood Ring to be a too ‘on the nose’ astrology-themed bar, so we’re playing with this idea of illustrating different personalities and moods.”

Li and Goh plan to illustrate an array of moods within the bar’s interior design as well. “We’re both Chinese-American and we’re also really, really into film. A lot of the finishes are pulling from Hong Kong, influenced by the 2000 film ‘In The Mood For Love,’”  Li says. “My family is from Hong Kong, it’s an inspiring city kind of like New York.”

the blueprint

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The idea to create Mood Ring came about when Goh and Li went on a trip to Berlin together.  “We were so amazed at the types of DIY spaces they have out there. There are very few laws or permits for opening businesses, which allows young people to be creative and allows the space to be more cohesive to the areas they belong to,” Goh expresses. “In New York, it’s a little more difficult to attain permits. So with Mood Ring we want to take that Berlin-mindset—that Bossa Nova kind of has—that DIY mindset.”

“Berlin was a big queer mecca back in the day and still is now,” Li adds. “Being queer, I’m definitely seeing that here in Bushwick as well. We hope to really cater to the queer and trans communities, it’s a huge part of who we are as Mood Ring.”

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As Mood Ring approaches their September opening, Goh reflects on the preparation. “The Bushwick community has been very eager to help out and has provided great feedback. There’s a lot of local people involved, like the team from Rebecca’s on Bushwick Avenue, who are really guiding us through the process, helping with interior design and build out.”

“We’re working to create something that’s unique and stands out in the neighborhood, ” Li adds. “This is a great community to learn something new.”

Mood Ring will be open Monday through Wednesday 4 p.m. – 2 a.m. and Thursday through Sunday 4 p.m.-4 a.m. Follow their Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date on their opening date!

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