MILES, Bushwick’s Cocktail Haven, Closes for Good

Magdalena Waz


MILES, a grilled cheese and cocktail bar that had made its home on Wilson Avenue for the last five years, shuttered its doors for good on Monday, June 5.

Owners announced the closure today with a Facebook post and updated website splash page that suggests the details surrounding the closure have more to do with personal decisions and a feeling that it’s time to move on rather than economic concerns.

We’ll miss the pate, grilled cheeses, and the famous free mac & cheese at happy hour. It is almost reassuring to know that those inventive cocktail recipes will live on in the form of a book ($15) with proceeds benefitting Sugar Mutts Rescue.

We reached out to the owners for additional information about what’s next for them and for the space; we’ll update this article when we hear back.

And while digging through our archives, we discovered this picture of what the building that housed MILES used to look like nearly 100 years ago.

Here’s to the next 100 years, Bushwick, no matter what curveballs get thrown its way!

Featured image courtesy of MILES.

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