recently released a new interactive game series that allows site users to admire Bushwick’s unique street art scene from their own homes.

This choose-your-own-adventure-style game showcases art from many of Bushwick’s best artists, like Buff Monster, Hellbent, and Reme 821. Game users “play” this interactive game as would-be street artists; the object of the game is for users to look for blank walls to use as their canvas. 

While we may not understand why the presence of an interactive computer game would justify just not going to see these amazing murals in person, we think it’s a novel concept that is profoundly… inventive. 

Check out Artsology’s interactive street art game here, and check out some of their other material too–it’s great for art lovers and history buffs alike! 

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What do you think of this new interactive homage to Bushwick street art? 

Featured image courtesy of @thebushwickcollective