All Photos by Mark Davis for Bushwick Daily

Father Knows Best, a cafe by day, bar by night, and restaurant all day, just recently opened up off the Wilson L stop. While greater Bushwick is in no way hurting for joints like this, they’re not so plentiful off the Wilson stop— so for anyone over there who likes to grab the occasional coffee, drink or bite, this spot will be a welcome addition.

Owners Christopher Taha and Colleen Makary, also proprietors of the cafe Summers in Williamsburg, celebrated the “two week anniversary” of Father Knows Best this past Saturday, March 5th. Despite being very new, the place already has regulars and is fast becoming a go-to neighborhood spot—a good sign, since the concept for the place was to “create a community center where people can meet,” Taha explains.

Father Knows Best offers a small and delicious menu, put together by consulting chef Ian Bock, sous chef of The Brooklyn Star. Everything except the bread is made in-house, and so far, some regular favorites have been the Bacon Jalapeño Mac & Cheese ($10) or the Reuben Patty Melt ($12).

They brew Devocion coffee and offer a beer menu in the $4-$7 range and a cocktail menu in the $7-$11 range. Cold-pressed Summers juices are sold and made into cocktails, for when you want to be healthy but boozy at the same time.

No overly-fancy mixology or overpriced fare is to be found here, just quality food and drinks. The goal was not to price people out of the neighborhood, but to “include both those that have been here 50 years but also dudes that just moved here 6 months ago,” the owners explained. Taha and Makary want to provide locals with a good environment that anyone can feel comfortable in without having to hop on the subway or take an Uber.

The bar itself is decorated with clean, white walls, exposed brick, natural wood finishes, and lots of plants. It is simple, flattering, and flooded with natural light on a sunny day. Seating options range from the sizable bar to over ten tall tables and one large table in the back, not including a spacious outdoor area. It’s good for working, brunching, coffee on the go, or drinks with friends. At night, it turns into an fun, low key bar which features food service until midnight.

Equipped with a DJ booth, a projector, and plenty off wall space, patrons can expect many events to take place from open mics to movie screenings to live music. It will be open to “whatever people are asking for. If people are willing to organize it [themselves, Chris and Colleen] are down to host it.” Other highlights to look forward to in the coming months include yoga in their outdoor space, art classes for children during the summer led by local artists, and food delivery.

While Chris and Colleen are still in the process of smoothing out details, they just wanted to get the place open and get feedback from the customers. “We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel or anything here,” Colleen says. “We’re just here to do what Chris and I do best”— which is, evidently, create a solid foundation from which Father Knows Best can evolve into a space by the community and for the community.

Pictured Above: Owners Chris Taha & Colleen Makary

Father Knows Best is Located at 611 Wilson Ave just off Schaefer St. Hours: 7:30am-2am daily. Tel: (718) 975-6840.