Robert De Niro. Image via Wikimedia Commons.

Google “one of the greatest actors of all time.” The top result will be for a guy who is shooting a movie in Bushwick right now.

Production signs for a film entitled “The Comedian” are posted on Broadway, Ellery street, Beaver street and Belvidere Street this week, and sources on the production confirm that they are indeed shooting a 2017 movie starring Robert De Niro.

Emilie Ruscoe for Bushwick Daily.

Few details are currently public about the plot of the film; it’s summed up on IMDB as “a look at the life of an aging insult comic.” Edie Falco, Leslie Mann and Veronica Ferres are all listed cast members, and Danny DeVito has also been spotted on location at other shoots on the production, though it has not been confirmed that he has a role in the film.

The Belvidere street location for the shoot has also been used by many other productions, including HBO’s “Girls,” and detective drama “Elementary.”

Let us know if you bump into two-time Oscar winner and New York native Bobby D at Little Skips or Silent Barn—we’re guessing he has some big fans in the neighborhood.