Union Pool backyard – from union pool website

The other night I was out on the town in Bushwick and I noticed two particularly “happening, in-the-know” type chicks, so I thought it’d be interesting to see what places in Brooklyn they like to go to meet guys, where they go to meet guys to hook-up with, and where they go to just hang and shoot the shit. Here’s what I discovered.

BTW: If you have any suggestions on good places to meet people or any questions you’d like some advice on, please contact me! [email protected]

The ladies I spoke to were Sam A., 25, a branding designer and Abby B., 26, a commercial interior designer. Like I said, they were both VERY attractive, successful, seemingly had their shit together, independent types. I soon found out that Abby had a boyfriend who she met at Union Pool. She said she told the guy who later became her boyfriend that she thought he was seriously cute and then gave him her number. He called her the next day. She went out with him a few times and then said, “I need to have you now.” Boom: relationship.

I have to say, Abby makes it look easy, but she also seems fearless when it comes to rejection. What’s that about? Oh yeah, I guess she had parents that loved her unconditionally, duh. (I know, I know, not all of us are so lucky.) Sam felt that being 5’8” was an obstacle to meeting guys. I’d like to have her in for a therapy session and really find out what that’s about.

The ladies agree: The Woods and No Name are good places to meet guys. If you want to hook up, it’s Union Pool (no news there, right?). Pine Box is good for eye candy. And No Name is where they go just to chat.

When I asked the ladies for some help finding guys to answer the same “places we like to go” questions, they pointed to a couple of handsome dudes standing near the end of the bar. I went over and introduced myself to Gentleman A., 31, a lawyer, and Gentleman B., 34, a bartender. When I asked the very handsome Gentleman A where he goes to meet ladies, he responded quickly: “Anywhere. If I see a girl I like, I just introduce myself.” Talking with him I couldn’t help but feel that “A” has too many options. Granted, he may have an instinct for girls that buy his rap, yet he seems to have too many choices to take one individual female seriously. Call me judgey, but I say this guy is more interested in the positive feedback than the lady who’s doling it out to him.

As far as his friend “B” goes, his take on a good place to meet ladies was on the app Tinder. “A” disagreed, saying that it was a hangout for sluts. I’d say they were both looking for a “no reject” policy but just had different outlets for finding it.

Here’s a roundup of the places the ladies recommended for meeting people:

Union Pool

Although known for hookups, Abby did manage to get a full-time man that she’s crazy about out of it. It’s got a solid 4+ star rating on Yelp. One ridiculous but not irrelevant Yelp review reads: “I’m not going to lie, I LOVE this bar. However, I have only given it three stars because it’s just too easy to have a good time here, and I like bars that make me work for it. It’s too easy to come here, pound a bunch of $3 beers, then stumble over to the taco truck. The music is consistently what any hip 20-something is listening to. The outdoor space is pretty cool, and great for people watching. If you’re a reasonably attractive 20-something and if you’re even mildly on the prowl, if you haven’t either left this bar with a stranger or at least left with several offers from some strangers, then there’s no hope for you — it’s REALLY that easy.”

 484 Union Ave  Brooklyn, NY 11211 (718) 609-0484

The Woods

Yelp Review Highlights  (Solid 4 stars)

“There is a taco truck in the patio with ridiculously good grub.”

“Great venue, good vibes, and the back patio is clutch.”

“This place is cozy with great drink specials.”

 48 S 4th St Brooklyn, NY 11211‎ (718) 782-4955‬

No Name Bar

Yelp review highlights  (3.8 stars):

“Very cool Chinese rockabilly feel inside and big backyard area.” In 23 reviews

“The back outdoor space is beautiful and roomy and very chill.” In 7 reviews

“Bar outside or downstairs – a secret, speakeasy one.”

 597 Manhattan Ave (between Driggs Ave & Nassau Ave) Brooklyn, NY 11222

Pine Box Rock Shop

Yelp review highlights  (4.5 stars):

“Great bar and vegan empanadas you must try.”

“I mean, they have Big Buck Hunter HD next to the bathrooms.”

“Great beer selection, and my dog can come here too.”

12 Grattan St (between Bogart St & Morgan Ave) Brooklyn, NY 11206


And finally, some good ideas on how to approach people.