While ghouls and goblins might be a wanderin’ this weekend, several art galleries have decided to brave the frightening atmosphere to host their openings.  From a Friday night performance, Saturday night openings, and even a reception brunch on Sunday, these events will have you traipsing around the entire weekend – and maybe give you another excuse to wear that awesome DIY Halloween costume a couple more times!

Free Form: Patrick Berran, Dylan Goldberger, Eric Pinto, and Travis W. Simon @ Harbor Gallery (SAT 7-10PM)

“Free Form” at Harbor Gallery (image courtesy of Harbor)

Four artists comes together to examine the line between regulation and play; structure and abstraction in this group show, curated by Illpinto artist collective curator Illiana Hester. While structure and form might be the origin of many of the pieces in the show, utilizing conventions of repetition and modern formal conventions, the elements of risk, chance, and of letting go at that decisive moment become what sets these works apart.

Snail Salon @ Regina Rex (SAT 7-10PM)

Bella Foster, Red Square, 2013 (image courtesy of Regina Rex)

Inspired by an early experience at a nail salon, the play on words Snail Salon exhibition, curated by Adrianne Rubenstein, brings a large group of artists together to reflect on the aspect of constant renewal of an artist and even the concept of ritual and repetition. Just as a once perfect manicured hand’s nail polish will eventually chip and hands will crack, causing the ritual to be repeated, so, too are artists often inspired and pushed to newly create, redo, and rework.

Ornament and Crime @ Ortega Y Gasset (SAT 7-10PM)

Stephanie Syjuco, Dazzle Camouflage Proposition (image courtesy of Ortega Y Gasset)

Rebelling against the Supremacist philosophy of Adolf Loos, who urged “freedom from ornament,” all of the artists in this new exhibition embrace elements of ornamentation and the weight of shared history. Working with elements such as appropriation, found archival patterns, social hierarchy, the works are in part celebration and part critique of historical conventions and history.

Andrew Witkin: simal-, simil-, simul-, -semble @ Theodore: Art (Sun 11AM-1PM)

Andrew Witkin, installation at Theodore: Art (photo courtesy of Theodore: Art)

The inaugural exhibition in this new (much larger!) space provides the perfect setting to experience Simal-, simil-, simul-, -semble -, new work by the Boston-based artist Andrew Witkin. A blend of found objects and materials mixed with the artist’s own texts, Witkin creates an entire room exhibition that can be conceived through its disparate parts or as a whole. Working with elements of process, redaction, and appropriation, all of the elements of the installation show their effort, and the laborious nature of thought.

Evening of Performance @ Honey Ramka Gallery (FRI 8PM)

Detail of work by Ana Wieder-Blank (photo courtesy of Honey Ramka)

Inspired by Honey Ramka’s current show, Amy Beecher, Ruby Rose Fox, and Alexander Nemser will perform original compositions of monologue, music, and poetry. The current show, Women of Song, features the work of painter Ana Wieder-Blank. Gleaned primarily from Biblical text, the monumental paintings brings these stories to life, often capturing a decisively female perspective.

Nu Age Hustle @ Momenta (FRI 7-9PM)

Image by Greem Jellyfish, 2013 (photo courtesy of Momenta Art)

In this group show, nine artists Conflate new age sentiment and spirituality with the pop culture influences of hip-hop, fashion, and the internet. From video installation, fabric, and even performance pieces, these artists will examine the ever-blurring line between commodification of the secular and the spiritual. This Friday’s opening reception will also feature performance by Lainie Love Dalby.