RUBULAD is back in action. All photos by Maria Gotay for Bushwick Daily.

We reported a few weeks ago about the long-awaited return of Rubulad, a notorious Brooklyn underground party, in their enormous new space at the Knockdown Center. The enormous space is a stunning former glassmaking factory and is located about a mile from the Jefferson L stop at 52-19 Flushing Ave. The party was everything we hoped it would be (including everything on this list of attractions), but highlights were the 40-piece AfroBrazilian drumming band, gorgeous aerial dancers, top notch DJs, Roberta’s Pizza booth, film festival, huge art installations, great people and a whole lot of Valentine’s-related debauchery.


Hula Hoops

Though it’s not techincally in Bushwick (it’s in Maspeth!) it’s an easy walk, plus they had a legitamite live-in party bus ferrying people back and forth, courtesy of Harvey the Magic RV and Sweetie’s Cargo Service.

Your Absinthe is served.

Rubulad is a fantastic place to have an otherworldly musical experience. They showcase a spectrum of genres, from the woman’s drumming band (Batala) to a jazz band (Swirling Lotus Blossom Bandits) to a modern indie band (Friend Roulette), comedy/drag harpist and singer (duet XNY). Plus, some of NY’s most reputable dance floor jockies- DJs Ursula 1000, Dirty Finger and Vintage DJ .

Friend Roulette

Costumes were another high point of the night. They offered a discount for bold guests arriving in costume, or for wearing wings. Needless to say, there were a lot of butterflies, angels  and cupids buzzing around. Plus, the midnight Flying Lovers Aerial Bouquet (presented by Knotworld) was incredibly sexy.

All in all, the space was the best party of the equation. Situated on a 3-acre lot, the sky is the limit for outdoor installations and playgrounds when summer comes around. Indoors, the space was also huge. 25,000 square feet huge, to be exact. You can imagine the kind of large-scale art can fit in here, such as Roberta’s pizza stand with its own wood-burning oven attached.

Outdoor Wood-Burning Oven
Inside The Bubble

We’ll keep you posted on Rubulad’s next event…. HINT: They’re planning one in March. We’ll see you there without a doubt.