Bizarre, a new French night club in Bushwick, opened one month ago with a three-day festival. The gothic wooden bar, graced with chandeliers, religious statues, brick walls, and beautiful polished tin ceilings made the experience delightful, and Bizarre earned itself a reputation as one of the neighborhood’s most distinctive bars.

Absinthe cocktail anyone?

On the opening day, as well as on any Friday or Saturday night, the bar is decently busy already at 9PM. The endless drink menu will generously make you wonder what to order: wine, a cocktail, a whiskey ginger, or one of the absinthe cocktails?!  We tried the Cabaret Sauvignon and a Johnny Mad Dog (espresso liqueur, domaine de canton, tequila, sliced jalapenos and a lime twist), and a an anise-infused Manhattan. The drinks were delightful!

Cocktails are Bizarre are delightful!

The music at Bizarre is a pure A+! While we were there, the DJ played a jazz rendition of “Smells like Teen Spirit” and the most annoying children song of all “The Song That Never Ends” by the Stumblebum Brass Band, followed by funk and sultry Latin tunes.

Behold burlesque fans! At Bizarre you are likely to witness smoking hot go-go dancers on the bar but also more obscure performance pieces like dancer pulling a rosary out of her vagina or performance artist cutting herself out of a dress.

Photo via Bizarre Facebook page.

Bizarre offers a truly fabulous nightlife experience in Bushwick. If you haven’t been yet, make sure to check it out on a weekend for a night of burlesque, great music, and awesome vibes or on a Thursday for their new night of jazz!