Drums + Guitar/Bass/Other +/- vocals  = Music = Head-bobbing –> Dancing –> Total Happiness. If you’re not familiar with this equation, you’ve simply got to check out one of these fantastic concerts in the neighborhood this weekend.

5. Indian rebound, Carroll, Napoleon @ Big Snow (Saturday 9pm) -$7

Indian Rebound are a really great rock’n’roll band. They are just jangly enough to get you going, but in control enough to make you stay in place. Big Snow is also a blast.



4. EYES WIDE FUCKED: Backwords, Tiberius and others @ Cheap Storage (Friday 9pm)- $5

AFTER you check out our Valentine’s Party, you should head over to Cheap Storage and drop by this lovely event thrown by the dudes at Delinquency – ft Tiberius and Backwords – and everyone else looking to get laid in Bushwick. Masks are available at the door, and there’s “fuck juice punch” and a fog machine. What more could you ask for?

3. Late Night: Neon Indian (DJ Set), Splash, Lingerie @ Body Actualized Center (Saturday, 1am)- $10

**DANCE PARTY ALERT** This is the late night party you’ll want to come to after pregaming all night and you’re ready to start breakdancing. Or at least ready to try. Body Actualized is all about the late night parties, bonfires, and general good vibes, and be sure to catch Neon Indian, whom we adore.

2. Lordo, Bueno, Night Visions, Jon Mizrachi @ Living Bread Deli (Saturday, 9pm)- $7

We just wrote about how awesome new incarnation Lodro is, and what place more “bueno” to catch them than Todd P’s DIY Deli-Venue baby, Living Bread?

1. Throw Vision, Vensaire, Half Waif, Celestial Shore @ Paper Box (Saturday, 8pm) $10

This is where you’ll catch us this weekend. Paperbox is a fabulous venue, from backyard to foodcart to great sound system. Plus, this show is to die for. Throw Visions are awesome! This is their CD release party, the same EP you can download for free right here, and it’s one of the strongest debuts I’ve heard in forever. They are a perfect blend of jazzy vocals, sexy harmonies, experimental beats, and rock undertones. Plus, folky buzzband Vensaire is opening, and Celestial Shore is always worth the trek.