I have a tan. In December. Hello Miami!

I’ve seen the sun but I have yet to see the famed blue ocean on this coast! That’s because I’ve been here since the beginning of the month for the famed fairs! Isha: A Tell All Tale posters are part of an art show called Salaam Bombay, curated by Jasmine Wahi. So I’ve been around adding to the glam factor, of course…

I took a walk earlier with one of my dear friends, artist Ruby Chisti. She’s showing in the same show as moi! How cool is that? We were hanging out at the booth when we realized that we needed to go pee. Of course we got totally distracted on our way and a little lost in the maze of art fairs!  I thought – hey! this could be a cool first Miami post for my favorite Bushwick blog! A walk with a wonderful artist from Pakistan who has been living and working in Bushwick for a very long time, and who happens to be a dear dear friend of mine!


Check out the photos and some of Ruby’s fun inputs and favorites. Like she said – it’s fun to see everyone come together and set up things, to see artwork wrapped up and carelessly lying around in stacks, and people running around stealing, begging, borrowing, sharing everthing from chairs and tools to the much coveted ladders and dollies. Since a lot of you aren’t here,  Ruby and I will take you on a guided tour to see what the Art Asia and Scope fairs look like a day before the VIP Preview! How VIP does this blog post make you, huh? Woot! So put on those designer shades, grab a latte, sit back and scroll down this page…





More on Miami in the coming days. The parties and fun stuff begin tomorrow and I’ve got my sequined vintage dress picked out to shine and shimmer through the day and nights!