We are beyond excited to share Bushwick Daily’s first ever video short- aptly entitled “A Night in Bushwick.” We take you for a Friday Night tour of our industrial, artistic, eclectic and ultimately unique neighborhood of Bushwick, Brooklyn. The night included Kittens, Art Galleries, Tacos, House Parties, Indie Music, Dancing & Drinking.

We got our art fix at Sardine Gallery and cruised by Storefront Bushwick. We stuffed our faces at Taquera El Fagon. We visited musician & BD contributor Ana Lola Roman for a house party and some palm reading at 95 Knickerbocker Ave. We then flew over to Living Bread Deli to catch Cassie Ramone of Vivian Girls and chat with the boss of Bushwick’s DIY scene-Todd P. Finally, we found ourselves dizzily ending the night outside Bushwick Borders, taking shots and seeing The Can’t Tells at Delinquency. What a NIGHT. Watch the video to see full, blissful, Bushwick insanity.

How did this awesome event come to fruition? Editor in Chief Katarina and Music Editor Maria got together with videographer Beto Vargas, who had approached us about doing a video to showcase this electic haven. We picked a date, plucked the evening’s best events, and took to the streets! The aftermath was a few boozey review sessions and a final edit done by the wonderful Logan Seaman.

Big thanks to everyone who we spoke with along the way, and a shoutout to all of our Bushwick Musician friends who lent us their songs for the video- Friends, Tiny Victories, The Can’t Tells, EULA, Jangula and Slam Donahue.