For Bushwick, this summer’s art exhibitions were few and far between. There was a tendency to go for long exhibitions high on concept, NURTUREart’s

Is This Free…?

 comes to mind as does Norte Maar’s

Beyond the Bedroom


The same can be said for my pick of the best show of the summer, Secret Project Robot‘s month-long hosting of the You Are Here Festival. Also known as The Maze, conceptualized and created by the duo Trouble. This year’s iteration, formerly held at Death by Audio in Williamsburg and now heading to Berlin, featured walls made from twine, many performances, and interactive art pieces hidden within the maze.

The best part about this exhibition was how much it loosened up the participants up. I didn’t see another show this summer, including during Bushwick Open Studios, that organically inspired this much conversation between people. You weren’t being told to buy into anything when you entered, you were given a plane to explore. What you got out of this show was entirely unique to you and depended only on your willingness to enter. Even if  you hated the experience, it was a success, I have yet to hear an indifferent opinion on this show.

Best of Summer is our mini series to provide a sweet look back into the summer awesomeness and to honor some stuff, which by its coolness exceeds any our expectations far beyond everyday life.