Synthesized pop tunes, with a sprinkle of a punk rocker’s drums is enough to get me hooked on any song, let alone an album. Life Sizes Maps new EP Excavate, encapsulates the playful synth-noise-pop tunes. Its whimsical and alluring riffs are enticing and you may end up grooving in your office chair like I did when I first heard the album. Frontman Mike McKeever’s love of spending half his time experimenting with music on his computer and the other half writing concise pop medleys while watching Breaking Bad has helped him create the Noise Pop tunes that are now on the new EP. Their sound is unique, and hard to put your finger on but, trust me, it’s amazing to hear, both through headphones and in person at live shows.

Today, Life Size Maps will drop their new EP Excavate and will have their release show at 285 Kent with Dinowalrus, Xray Eyeballs, Grand Resort, and Psychobuildings. They recently played at McCarren Park and Shea Stadium and will also be making the rounds at CMJ Music Marathon. I had the opportunity to see them play at Shea Stadium. Their Shea Stadium performance made the intimate crowd  sway their bodies side to side. With their addictive songs how can you not resist? Both McKeever and bassist Emily are amazing performers, entertaining the crowd with their dance moves, McKeever rocking out with his luscious locks and playing his mini synthesizer.

The trio that has gone through a few transformations is making a name for itself around the DIY scene.  Life Size Maps consists of current members Mike McKeever, Emily Panic, and Matt Gaffney. Both Gaffney and Emily are veteran musicians. The current lineup met through mutual friends; the former members had to leave due to conflicting commitments.  McKeever has expressed that this is the best Life Size Map lineup.

Where did their quirky name come from? A stoned friend came up with a strange idea: “Imagine if there were life size maps.” The insane thought stuck and a band was formed in 2010 while Mike was an undergrad.

Listen to the album here: