Bushwick is a place where you can simply stop and watch the most interesting people walk by.

These photos by Phil Buehler show why it pays to always carry a camera when strolling around the neighborhood. Phil is a long-time Bushwick based photographer & explorer of urban ruins. Buehler will be publishing some of his work in weekly curated segments on Bushwick Daily.

“I’ll continue to post more photos of the artists, musicians, performers, street art, events, buildings, art galleries, even the pets and garbage from the last ten years as a weekly column here on Bushwick Daily – look for Bushwick: Art or Garbage and Bushwick: Then & Now.”

Odetta Gallery
Onderdonk House
McKibben Street, wheat-paste poster by Paola Cirio
McKibben Street
Knickerbocker Avenue
Metropolitan Avenue
Metropolitan Avenue
Myrtle Avenue
Harrison Place

Follow Buehler on Instagram at @pwbuehler or Facebook at Phil Buehler Photography.

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