By Asha Chagoyen

Bushwick can easily be proclaimed the fashion capital of Brooklyn, and so it’s not a surprise that Bushwick has decided to have it very own fashion weekend. Bushwick Fashion Weekend will be held on September 22, (the following weekend of the Williamsburg Fashion Weekend) with hopes that it will be extended into a two day event. And now the great news! Designers, performers, models, and artists are needed for this event.

To participate as one of the aforementioned you have to submit five of your best pieces by August 15th. The $10 admission fee is a donation to maintaining the gallery.

Bushwick fashion weekend is the brainchild of local artist Nyssa Frank, owner of the Living Gallery. Nyssa doesn’t want this fashion weekend to compete with the one held in Williamsburg, but instead display unity of the local artists by having all galleries and local shops work together to make this weekend spectacular. Her vision is not to have a frou-frou Soho-esque fashion week, but have Bushwick’s nitty-gritty, beautiful take on fashion week displaying all things that can be converted in art or vice-versa.

As of now, the fashion shows will be held in Living Gallery studio where jewelry can become art installations and dancers will be serenading the crowd throughout the festivities. Designers should feel free to come dressed in costume, or as themselves.

If more amazing artists decide to sign up for Fashion Weekend, you will be given the opportunity to join a tentative parade commencing from the Morgan Ave train station (or the Jefferson St. Train Station!) concluding at the gallery where all the local designers are able to exhibit their creations for the whole neighborhood to see.


Please join this amazing opportunity local, creative minds. Display unity, and have fun.