7 Bushwick Podcasts to Listen to in 2019

Masha Berman

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Podcasts keep us inspired, entertained, busy on the subway commute to and from work. We think it’s especially cool how many podcasts feature amazing people doing amazing things in our own community in Bushwick. 

If you’re ever looking to get more inspired or more connected to where you live, check out these 7 Bushwick podcasts. 

Bushwick Podcast

The Bushwick Podcast is one of your best resources to stay in the know of what your community and what your Bushwick neighbors are up to. Part of the Heritage Radio Network, they are a member-supported radio network broadcasting from Bushwick. If you want to get inspired by local entrepreneurs, activists, and artists, the Bushwick Podcast has plenty of episodes to get you excited about 

investing in your neighborhood, especially one that is changing and evolving at such a quick pace. It’s also a great resource to learn about Bushwick’s history, culture, and current events.

Dark Tank Podcast with Yedoye Travis

This is both a fun and serious podcast, and will get you to think about race in a new light.

 Nigerian-born and Brooklyn-based comedian Yedoye Travis hosts, asking white people in each episode to provide their solutions for solving racial problems both in our city and our society.

Some ideas are interesting, others… not so much.

But all episodes are worth a listen to no matter your race, ethnicity, or culture. Best of all, each white person is faced with a panel of people of color to listen and assess their solutions. 

Horizontal with Lila

Horizontal with Lila covers intimacy in all its forms in Bushwick. Lila talks about sex, love, relationships, all of it, and she’s got some of the most interesting guests and conversations Brooklyn has to offer. The idea was originally inspired from the personal conversations she had with her roommates, and she wanted to make these topics a little less private and open it up to a broader community. Lila is also the founding member of Hacienda Villa, a sex positive intentional community in Bushwick, which helps further her podcast’s platform. Perhaps the quirkiest part of this lovely little podcast is that Lila records everything while lying down. Maybe to make it more intimate? 

There Goes the Neighborhood

There Goes the Neighborhood is not necessarily a podcast about Bushwick, but Bushwick is a prevalent topic of discussion. The WNYC show covers gentrification in Brooklyn, and does though in a thoughtful, unbiased manner that really allows you to delve deep into the causes, current issues and successes, as well as the ramifications. 

The Bushwick Book Club 

This podcast spun out of the actual Bushwick Book Club, which entailed songwriter Susan Hwang performing original songs live based on a piece of literature in a local Bushwick bar. The idea exploded into a weekly gig, and now there are chapters all over the country. The podcast is usually a conversation between Susan and other songwriters and creatives in her Bushwick apartment on their creative process of coming up with the songs themselves, and even feature the original music. Each week, Susan and friends recount a different book that they’ve performed. This one is perfect for book lovers and music lovers, and is a great way to learn more about Bushwick’s art scene.

The Bushwick Variety Show 

The Bushwick Variety Show is another podcast highlighting the work of Bushwick area artists. Host Alec Stephens III interviews local creatives and innovators about the pursuit of their dream careers. There’s a lot of variety (probably hence the name) in the kinds of people and experience levels he speaks to, so you’re sure to find something inspiring in his episodes. 

Bushwick Junction

All of our life choices can lead us in completely new directions, right? Asha Saluja explores this in a podcast called Bushwick Junction, featuring the stories of her guests from birth to now, and how the choices they’ve made have led them to this moment in their lives. The question she guides all her guests to answer is “is our destination fated, or can our direction at any given junction change our course forever?” 

If you ever need a little existential push in your life, this may be a good listen for you. Bushwick Junction is part of Radio Free Brooklyn.

Have you tuned into any of these before? If so, which one most resonates with you or is the most fun to listen to? Share with us in the comments below. And if there’s one we didn’t mention that you love, please make sure to let us and other readers know!

Cover image courtesy of Yedoe Travis, with Yedoe in the center with his panel for an episode in the back.

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