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Pull out your glitter and inner inhibitions, kids, because queer Korean-American artist Diane Oh is taking over Bushwick Starr for a communal act like none other. The Infinite Love Party is an inventive series of carefully curated acts, “where queer magic can do its healing.” It is a culmination of eating, dancing, performing, and—you guessed it—a sleepover wrapped up into one. And everyone’s invited.

Oh’s work, like her 2017 show {my lingerie play}, is about pushing the boundaries on issues of body positivity, sex, and consent. The Infinite Love Party is no exception. The brainchild of Diane Oh and co-producer Kevin Hourigan, each party (they are parties, not plays) is an open gathering where guests are invited to be their most bare selves, almost literally, with a barefoot policy and a whatever-tickles-your-fancy dress code. Food and non-alcoholic drinks are served while attendees are encouraged to practice affirmation, affection, and most importantly, consent (each night begins with a collective agreement to ask before touching others during the event).

Photo by Maria Baranova.

“It’s theater that’s not theater that might actually be theater,” Oh riddles in a quickie interview on Bushwick Starr’s event page. She goes on: “True self-esteem—the permission to be yourself. We’re all in pain. Let’s get some perspective on the pain.”

Each party is meant as a welcoming space for everyone under the sun: people of color, queers, trans and non-binary guests, and allies. Oh’s party ushers, called “super queero heart questers,” are tasked with maintaining the collective energy and communal safety, and helping the night’s festivities flow smoothly.

The agenda includes an open mic, dance party, games like finger painting, and an awards show for independent non-profits. Tonight’s [Friday] party will honor Dawn Orlando and Funkadelic Studios for the resources and support they give to independent New York musicians. By the end of the night, if they choose to do so, attendees hunker down on the dance floor and sleep.

Sounds like a good time? Everyone thinks so. Most dates for Oh’s slumber party, which runs until Feb. 2, are already sold out. But there’s still a chance of getting on the waiting list; come by Bushwick Starr at 7.30 p.m., wait list is first come, first serve at the door. If not, just put on your craziest PJs and embrace your true self, and it might almost be like you’re there.

Cover photo courtesy of Maria Baranova via Bushwick Starr.

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