Now that summer is approaching the heat index is sure to reach over 90 degrees Fahrenheit in the weeks to come. This leaves older residents, young children, and low income residents vulnerable to heat stroke and other health complications. 

If you’re dealing with an apartment that’s hard to ventilate, cannot afford an AC or fan, or are dealing with a broken cooling system, do not stay at home. Please go to one of the cooling centers available in Ridgewood, Bushwick and East Williamsburg. 

A cooling center in these neighborhoods includes public libraries, senior centers, community centers and NYCHA facilities. To find the closest NYCHA facility near you, refer to this page

For more options look on the city’s online resources page or call 311 and ask for a list of your local cooling centers. 

One local cooling center to consider in Ridgewood:

Queens Public Library in Ridgewood (off the Forest Avenue M train)

This location is open Monday to Saturday and is a quiet, cool place to relax in during a particularly hot day. There are computers for library card holders and regular summer events.