Alyssa Fernandez


Famous Mexican art car, Mayan Warrior, will make its East Coast debut at the Brooklyn Mirage this Saturday bringing the collaborative and electric spirit of Burning Man with it.

Since 2011, Mayan Warrior has made its 2,300 mile-trek from Mexico City to Black Rock City to make its annual appearance at Burning Man, making it an iconic fixture.

The art car is an auditory and visual experience brought by a collective of artists, musicians, architects, and more from Mexico City and Northern California. Fashioned with 70,000 watts of electricity and psychedelic neon lights, Mayan Warrior’s design is inspired by Mayan and Huichol Art.

Pablo González Vargas is the founder of this immersive experience and envisioned Mayan Warrior to display Mexico’s rich history mixed with its contemporary electronic culture.

“The truth is there was this drive to bring something from Mexico since [Burning Man] is an international festival. There are people who bring all types of projects from Europe such as books, classes, talks, or even an art car, which is what I do,” Vargas said. “I noticed that there was everyone but Mexico, which increased my drive that I had to bring something about my country and its culture.”

Mayan Warrior will bring an evening of dancing and awe as Bushwick residents are invited to be a part of this breathtaking experience.

See y’all there.

Mayan Warrior will take place on June 9 at the Brooklyn Mirage on 140 Stewart Avenue. All proceeds will go to fund Mayan Warrior back to Burning Man this August. Purchase tickets at Ticketfly and RSVP on Facebook.