Evan Haddad


Shazam! A popular Williamsburg restaurant has opened up a “magic deli” in Bushwick. 

Abracadabra Magic Deli is a self-styled “food circus” near the Jefferson Street stop that does entertainment, artisanal cafe snacks, and Turkish cuisine with a twist.

The new spot at at 190 Knickerbocker Ave. is run by Dilara Erbay, a former famed chef from Istanbul and pioneer of Turkish new cuisine who opened the original Abracadabra in Istanbul before moving to New York. In 2014, Erbay started Abracadabra Brooklyn in Williamsburg; Magic Deli in Bushwick is the hat trick.

Erbay has two decades of culinary and entertainment experience, and she personally cooks the yummies at Magic Deli everyday. For $5.50, you can get an Inca Warrior Power cookie and a cup of freshly roasted coffee. Chia pudding and hybrid lavender hibiscus tea can be had for $6.50. Erbay also does “veganizer” burritos, lentil quinoa balls, and options for the carnivores among us.

There are lots of magic food buzzwords floating around this Abracadabra: gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, vegan, vegetarian, and meat-lover. If you aren’t so easily seduced, Erbay and her staff also entertain. Check out this video of someone dancing at the cafe. We’ll call it a “deli dance.”  

We’ll be back soon with a complete review of Abracadabra Magic Deli. Until then, you can check it out yourself!

Cover image courtesy of Abracadabra Magic Deli