Poll: Vote for the Best Ramen Spot in Bushwick 2018

Andrew Tobia

Food & Drink Editor
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We’re halfway through March and still in that awkward spot where spring is trying to make its appearance, but winter has yet to give up hold (a light snow is starting to fall even as I write this).

This cold, fitful, blustery weather is an ideal time to get your fill of tasty, hot soup — and keep you warm from the inside out while we wait for the weather to turn. There is, perhaps, no better soup with which to do this than ramen.

Last week we put out the call for your favorite ramen spots and, as has been your habit of late, Bushwick Daily readers came together to nominate a narrow field of highly regarded restaurants, and you’ve done so with enthusiasm — Lua Bar garnered an almost suspicious number of nominations.

Samurai Papa was nominated, but they are located in Williamsburg and have a second location in Bed-Stuy. As neither of these neighborhoods are Bushwick, East Williamsburg, or Ridgewood, we unfortunately had to disqualify that nomination. That leaves six very worthy contenders.

But before we get to the poll, a quick note: Our journalistic senses of integrity and independence are strong (as are our personal ones), and they’re an important part of our identity at Bushwick Daily. For this reason, we do not, nor would we ever, accept any sort of payment or bribe in exchange for nominations or votes.

That said, businesses nominated for a Best of Bushwick poll are welcomed and encouraged to urge their customers to vote for them in any way they see fit (short of bribery or extortion, of course).

Our Best of Bushwick polls are closely monitored by human eyeballs and computer algorithm thingamajigs on the lookout for suspicious or blatantly fraudulent voting activities. Keep your noses clean out there.

So, BDers — vote below for your favorite ramen spot for Best of Bushwick 2018!

Voting will end at 11:59 pm on Thursday, March 22.

Cover photo by Alison Marras

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