Magdalena Waz


Bushwick’s bourgeoning film scene isn’t just evident in the countless television shows and movies that use the neighborhood as its backdrop. For 10 years now, Bushwick has also been home to an ever-growing film festival which takes place every October.

The Bushwick Film Festival’s founder, Kweighbaye Kotee, has become a kind of neighborhood fixture, and we’re happy to see that the rest of the world is taking notice.

Check out the short film she appeared in for Delta and PopSugar. It details how she got to where she is today, the powerhouse behind a festival that [stats].

Kotee says, “When I first moved to Bushwick 10 or 11 years ago, there weren’t a lot of diverse filmmakers, and I wanted to show them that it is possible for them to be successful.”

The festival is already selling passes so you can see some of the most exciting shorts and feature films that the world has to offer. This year, the festival takes place October 12-15.

Featured image courtesy of PopSugar.