Funk, Soul and Hip-Hop at Lot 45 Are Sure to Get Bushwick Dancing this Friday

Magdalena Waz


Some nights at bars naturally develop into impromptu dance parties, but sometimes there’s something refreshing about going out for the express purpose of dancing our butts off. Bushwick has quite a few DJs sharing their Spotify playlists nightly, but very few of them do much more than that.

If you’re in the mood for a themed DJ night complete with live music and dedicated dancing space, head over to Lot 45 on Friday, August 11 for “The Funky Seshwa.” Organizers describe it as a party “showcasing the funkier side of dance music, with an emphasis on vinyl.”

Tomorrow, you’ll be able to hear Rich Medina, a veteran DJ who specializes in hip-hop, house, soul, afrobeat, funk, and dance classics. He’ll be accompanied by Aquiles Navarro, an avante-garde and funk trumpet player from Panama.

Jared Cohen, one of the party’s founders, says, “Philosophically the party started out of a mutual love for showcasing the funky, soulful side of dance music. DJs these days are less concerned with craft and we’re trying to bring world class musical selection across all funky genres to the people in an atmosphere where there is no tension, disturbance, discrimination or judgement.”

Opening acts include Willy Soul + Joe Bronson, two local DJs with ties to Bushwick’s music scene and curators of “The Funky Seshwa.”

You can watch the promo video below:

Tickets are $10 and can be purchased in advance. The party starts Friday at 10 p.m. 

Featured image courtesy of Jared Cohen and Disgonuts.

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