Darragh Dandurand

Photographer + Writer

In the twilight of Wednesday night a large crowd amassed in Maria Hernandez Park. Circling metal police barricades, wide-eyed Bushwickians watched from the sidelines as black and leather-clad dancers performed duets with fire.

The free public showcase and recipient of the city’s first ever special events permit for a fire performance featured over 20 of New York’s finest fire spinners alongside talented pyromaniacs who traveled in just for the evening. Performances were curated by The Floasis, a Bushwick-based fire flow studio encouraging novice and expert fire enthusiasts alike and a generous host for the night.

Plumes of feathery flames rose into the post-sunset sky as dancer after dancer took the courtyard each for only a few minutes. From medieval hula-hoops with coals around the rim, to dragon staff batons, ignited headdresses, and dragon-like breaths of fire, the show was certainly not something to miss.

We hope this is not the last we’ll see of this unique, fiery event!